Rockmotion Project is a group of individuals brought together by common interest and love for video making. We are passionate in what we do and our aim is to deliver heartfelt and genuine films of your event that will make you experience all the things that made it truly special.

Nathan & Teri

After creating a life of eleven years together, Nathan and Teri exchange vows at the most beautiful setting, in front of family and friends. It is a gathering of sorts and a beautiful reminder of a love nurtured through the years, proven to be built to last. 

From being friends to spending a lifetime together, there is so much more to come for this lovely couple. Cheers to a union made to last!

Alex & Isabelle

Today marks another milestone in a love story that began from pure love at first sight. A stunning encounter that brought the soulmates together, Alex and Isabelle prove that magic in love exists. 

Celebrating in front of family and friends, they display the spectacle of their relationship and inspires all to love without bounds. Wishing Alex and Isabelle an amazing life together!

John & Evelyn

A strong bond manifested through love and respect, John and Evelyn say yes to entering the next chapter of the rest of their lives. A perfect day to honor each other in front of people they love, they take the solemn vow of a blessed marriage. 

Mixed in with family traditions and a gathering of cultures, it was a truly wonderful celebration of love. The best is yet to come for this charming couple!

Jessica & Paula

Their love started with a dream and a possibility that every once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives you a fairytale. Today, Jessica and Paula share their beautiful love story and celebrate the beginning of a grand adventure together. 

Family and friends are witness to an overflow of love as Jessica and Paula take the next step in a beautiful adventure filled with love and laughter. All the best to this inspiring pair!

Justin & Candice

With the promise of a steadfast love, Justin and Candice seal their commitment to each other in front of God. This is a wedding that immortalizes a special moment of unconditional love that inspires all. It was a day filled with emotions, as the couple finally experience the moment they have both been waiting for. 

Affirming their intention of creating a life together in front of family and friends, the couple shows they are the perfect match. Wishing you happiness and grace, Justin and Candice!

Art is our brand. We are a young breed of visual storytellers that capture your happiest moment in the most unique and endearing way possible.




ABN: 18 609 705 946





ABN: 18 609 705 946